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                     The Magnificent Shire


Photo by Lady Leigh Photography, Pleasant Hill, MO

Welcome to our webpage!

Where you can learn all about O'Bannon's DunRovin' Shires, O'Bannon's DunRovin' Spotted/Pinto Draft Horses, O'Bannon's Longhorn/Angus Cattle and Organic Beef,  O'Bannon's DunRovin' Labrador Retrievers, American Tundra Sheperds & the O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch, LLC operation in general.  We hope you enjoy your visit, stay for as long as you can, and come back for another visit as often as you can.. 

 The Shire Stallion pictured above is our National Champion Shire Stallion YF Mister Apollo.  His sire is the famous Fox Valley Oliver, a Breyer horse of the year.  Apollo is on numerous Pages here on our website, but you can see all of his titles and accomplishments in the World Shire Studbook at http://www.shirestudbook.com/.   

In the Hebrew language there is only one word for both spirit and breath. According to Genesis 2:7 Man was given the

"breath of life" and became a "living soul".

The Hebrew word for soul, living creature, and living soul is Nephesh. This word is used when written about both humans and animals. Our animals are cared for with the belief in mind that we

"have all one breath"

and they are treated as such - respected, given jobs, disciplined with love.......truly treasured.

               The Majestic Spotteds


The North American Spotted Draft pictured above is our special October surprise O'Bannon's Irish Laddie our Spotted Boy.  His sire is the well-known dressage/hunter/jumper Sunstate Jericho of Florida.  Lad is on numerous Pages here on our website.  Since 2005 we have bred, raised, and sold registered ASHA Shire horses, registered Drum horses, registered North American Spotted Draft horses and organic beef. 

ATTENTION VISITORS!  Whether you are draft horse people, cattle people, dog people or city dwellers just checking out the small ranch life, we'd love it if you would go to our  Guestbook and join our webpage. 

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